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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Great Tabletop Schism

Well, after a some careful thinking on these rules, I decided on something momentous: the Covenant Empire will be split in two. Yes, in two.On one side will be the Sangheili Covenant, and on the other side will be the Jiralhanae Covenant. Thee are a few reasons for this, actually.

The fist reason is that it is an extremely rare occasion when both Sangheili and Jiralhanae are fighting alongside each other. This is because, for one, they hate each other. Secondly, though the Sangheili conol more fleets, he Jiralhanae, too, have their own fleets. That means every leader from each fleet will be either Sangheili or Jiralhanae. There isn't a ny racial mixing in the Covenant's naval staff or army.

Th second reason is that it makes scenarios taking plae during the Great Schism musch much easier. Instead of writing down lengthy rules for what can or cannot be included in a Covenant army to make it canon, it is much simpler to keep the Sangheili and Jiralhanae separate altogether.

The third reason is that it makes upgrades much simpler as well. It will be hard to make profiles for, say, a Ghost Squad when the leader could be either a Sangheili OR a Jiralhanae. It will be increasingly hard to define what you can or cannot have. For example, if you bought a Sangheili for your Ghost Squad, you obviously cannot have a Jiralhanae is in, too. Slitting the Covenant arm lists in two makes this much esasier.

The fourth reason is that I do no want Choppers and Prowlers mixing with Specters.

The fifth reason is that there is no posible way that Tartarus and the Arbiter will ever fight side-by-side. Just sayin'.

So, that's that. The general compositions of each list will be the same, just slight variations. Thank you for reading, and see ya next time! Peace.