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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Model Profiles

Now that the turn is laid out all nice and neat, we'll turn to the profiles of the models. Vehicles will come next.

Every model has nine stats: Fight Skill, Shoot Skill, Strength, Toughness, Attacks, Wounds, Leadership, Courage, and Save Throws.

Fight Skill represents the model's combat ability. Higher Fight Skills strike first in the Fight Phase, which obviously has its advantages. Dead men don't bite, after all.

Shoot Skill represents the model's accuracy when firing a weapon. An example value would be 4+. When shooting, you would roll a die and, if the roll is a 4 or higher, the bullet/plasma/rocket/laser/whatever hits. If you roll a 3 or less, it misses.

Strength represents the model's muscle power. Stronger models, like Hunters, can do damage more easily than feeble models, like Grunts.

Toughness represents the model's ability to take blows. It is much like a defensive value, and counteracts Strength. There'll be a change relating them later on.

Attacks represent how many strikes a model can make in the Fight Phase. Most models have only 1 Attack, while some others may have 2 or even 3 or 4. As of now, I can pretty much guarantee both Hunters and SPARTANS will have 5 Attacks, while Elite Warriors and Brute warriors will have 2 Attacks. Marines and Army Troopers will have only 1 Attack.

Wounds represent how many successful blows a model can take. Every successful 'damage' on the model subtracts 1 Wound from its profile. Again, most models (even Elite Warriors and Brute Warriors) will have only 1 Wound, while many leaders will 2 or 3 Wounds. SPARTANs will have 5 Wounds.

Leadership and Courage may seem somewhat similar, but they are slightly different. Leadership Tests will occur when ordering a unit to run, duck, etc.. Courage Tests will occur when demoralized by charges, blasts, tanks, etc.. More on these another time. Just keep in mind that failing these tests may result in the unit either doing nothing that turn or even fleeing the board, so they are quite important. After all, everyone wants their troops to stick it out when they need them most, right?

Save Throws include a couple of numbers. There are three kinds of Save Throws: Armor, Shield, and Cover. The numbers are similar to that of Shoot Skill, written like 4+ or 5+. When a model with any type of Save Throw is loses a Wound, roll a die. if the Save Throw is passed, the Wound is prevented. More on these later on, too.

So, these are the nine basic stats that define every model in the game. Vehicles are coming up next. Thank you for reading, and see ya next time! Peace.

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