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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Vehicle Profiles

Moving on from models, we're now going to look at vehicles.

Vehicles have five different stats, much like models: Shoot Skill, Front Armor, Side Armor, Rear Armor, and Speed.

Shoot Skill works exactly the same with vehicles as it does for models, applying to every weapon attached to it.

The three armor values, Front Armor, Side Armor, and Rear Armor, account for the vehicles' defenses. A Warthog may have light armor for speed while a Scorpion will have heavy hull plating. Vehicles also have varying thicknesses of armor where they are needed. A Wraith has dense plating in the front, but almost nothing protects its major weak point, the thrusters in its rear. Certain weapons cannot even penetrate vehicles, such as Assault Rifles, Plasma Repeaters, or Shotguns. Beware and take some Rocket Launchers or Fuel Rod Guns.

Speed represents how fast the vehicle can go, both in inches and centimeters.

Vehicles also may have a variety of weapons or passengers. It can shoot a certain number of weapons depending on how far it moved, and ranges are measured from the tip of the barrel. Certain weapons can rotate, such as the cannon on a Scorpion, while others cannot, such as the Heavy Plasma Mortar on a Wraith. Still others, such as the Ultra-Heavy Focus Cannon on a Scarab, can turn from side to side.

Passengers may shoot from their vehicles depending on the situation. Warthog Carriers can be fired from because it is open-topped, while Shadows cannot be fired from at all. Pelicans and Phantoms may have only a few passengers shooting from them because there are only so many openings to shoot from. Not all vehicles can carry passengers, either. the ones that can are called Transports.

Wingmen are different from passengers. They cannot be detached from the Scorpion, and models from a unit cannot hitch a ride as a wingman later in a battle. They are upgrades. For example, a Scorpion can house four wingmen on its treads. They can be killed like normal and cannot be replaced during the battle. Nor can they jump off if the Scorpion seem s as if it will explode with another well-paced hit.

Anyways, that's the rundown on vehicles. Thank you for reading, and see ya next time! Peace.

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