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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Turn

The Rulebook will contain the rules for the steps in a turn, profiles for different models and units, rules for scenery such as skyscrapers and trenches and hills, rules on the various weapons and vehicles, army list ideas, and much, much more. Don't hesitate to make suggestions.

The next few posts will outline basic rules. So, without further ado...

Each turn includes four phases: Priority, Move, Shoot, and Fight.

The Priority Phase is simple. Each player rolls a die. The highest score goes first, the second-highest score goes second, and so on. If there is a tie for any place, the players involved in the tie must keep rerolling until a definite winner is decided.

The Move Phase is when your units run, jump, fly, and roll across the battlefield. Each race and vehicle will have a set distance in both inches and centimeters that
they can travel each turn. Running can increase that distance, but will have drawbacks such as being unable to shoot or throw grenades that turn. Aircraft and Drones can obviously go over certain scenery pieces unimpeded. You can also charge your opponents and engage in close combat by moving into base contact with them. The details will be worked out later on.

The Shoot Phase is when you bring the big guns to bear on your foes. Every faction as an extensive armory of weapons, both for infantry and vehicles. Each weapon will have a Strength Value, a mystery second value (we will decide what it will be in time), a Range (in both inches and centimeters), and sometimes even Special Rules. Special Rules will detail how many times the weapon can be fired per turn, among other things.

The Fight Phase is when you clobber your opponent in a whirlwind of shock action. Some races are better than others (i.e. Elites, Brutes, and, to a lesser extent, Humans) while some races are very poor up close (i.e. Grunts, Jackals, and Drones). Various weapons also give the combatant an edge in a fight (i.e. Energy Swords, Gravity Hammers, Spike Rifles, and Brute Shots). Some Special Rules on weapons will also affect how they perform in the Fight Phase. This extreme diversity will cause you to really consider who you want to charge with whom.

Those are the four steps to the Halo Tabletop Wargame. Thank you for reading, and see ya next time! Peace.

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